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Hardy and Hardy Investigations

Tony Carpentieri with Paul Mular

Seventh Edition, 920 pages in three perfect-bound volumes. Plus a CD with more info!

Hmmm. Maybe if I get motivated I'll put all the supplemental information up here. Save me a couple of bucks on blank CDs. Oh, let's do it! See the green links below. Use 'em as you like - but give credit where credit is due.



All_proper_nouns (228).pdf



Complete_text_all_228_volumes (hehe).pdf

ISBN 978-1-891388-06-4


The Hardy Boys from 1927 to 2016 including all the information you ever wanted to know (along with some stuff you probably don't care about.)

Open a PDF file for The Tower Treasure section. Just about the complete seventh edition version, though formatting and pagination are off somewhat.


 The Lost Hardys: A Concordance

Robert L. Crawford

86 pages.

ISBN 0-9639949-6-4


Who, what, when, where of the original (pre-revision) 38 volumes of the Hardy Boys series. Now with a perfect binding. Whee!

Download a PDF file of the first few pages of the text.

 The Dana Girls Guide

Mark Woodcock

172 pages.

ISBN 978-1-891388-05-7


A guide to another series. Guess which one!

Download a PDF of By the Light of the Study Lamp.

Sorry, we no longer have any copies of:

Series Books and the Media; or, This Isn't All

Frank and Joe Turn Blue

Clark's Guide to Margaret Sutton's Judy Bolton Mysteries

The Adventures of Susan Slut

The Girls' Series Companion

A Guide to Judy Bolton Country

Schoolgirl Shamuses, Inc.

The Vicki Barr Encyclopedia

Well, feel free to send an email. If I do have the rights to a title you desire, I'll discuss it with the author(s) if applicable, and get back to you.


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